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Project Description

Chatbook, Lulale
Oberwelt e.V., Stuttgart

Opening Friday, 3rd November 2017, 19:00 Uhr

The exhibition project Genius Loci deals with the contemporary meaning and interpretation of the concept of the “spirit of the place”, which originates from Roman mythology.

What does „place“ mean in our digital world? What specific characteristics shape our environment? How are they perceived? What are they at risk of? And how do they oppose to a globally similar trend in spatial design?
What are the references to the spirit? What kind of understanding of the spirit can be found in a contemporary context?

Artists from all fields of art spot the spirit of the place, leave it out of the bottle, and present their views on spectacular or even inconspicuous places.

Genius Loci consists of an open call, a curated exhibition and a side program.

Exhibition: 3rd – 25th of November 2017

Mondays from 9 pm till midnight and by appointment

Project Details