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Schattenwelt – Lichtblicke

[Realm of the Shades – Ray of Hope] Chatbook, 15 Quotes in the Caves
Chatbook, Installation in Gera Castle
Höhler Biennale, Gera
23.06. 2017 – 15.10. 2017

15 quotes from the enormous body offered by Chatbook are attached in various places in the cave system in the form of signs and form a thread through.
(notice signs of aluminium, weatherproof, 16,5 cm x 26 cm)
Chatbook: Baumgärtner voyeuristically observes public chatrooms on financial internet sites. Sentences, nicknames, emojis and pictures found there are collected and processed. All the chatroom participants communicate anonymously under a chosen nickname.
There also is a space-related installation with posters and objects of Chatbook fund in Gera Castle.
List of quotes:

[22:47] Mikel: greed is good[12:01] adibaer: I’m an asshole : D[21:15] ana: this is a peeping toms’ club[18:43] lulale: Die, you dirtydumbomegafucker![21:09] waverunner: no mercy, buddy[18:07] cantax: they bite the heads off chickens[15:29] spirli: the messiah is just a fig leaf![09:45] berna: more and more girls drink til they fall over :O[22:43] yahoo5000: horny pack of whores![21:38] BUMBUI: Please, dear Domina, not the whip[21:56] hundemil: only the hard guys go into the garden[20:56] Meikel: he shoots quicker than his shadow[19:58] voltaire: I want to see you club each other![14:12] Durruti_: we´re all going to die…[20:12] sanseb12: we men have had nowt to say for a long tome now!

Beate Baumgärtner, Schattenwelt-Lichtblicke, 8. Höhler Biennale 2017 in Gera

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