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Project Description

Extracts from the commentary by Prof. Christian Wulffen on the work “HSH” (HolzSchwammHolz or hardsofthard) by Beate Baumgärtner. Cleveland, USA, 2006

…the selection of my terms is in the form of a consideration.
1. Gravity and levity
2. Unimportant material and co-ordinates
3. The part and the whole
4. Generation and generator

…The levity is embedded if the work of art succeeds in awakening our participation in its expression. Her levity, the first actions coming from an idea far removed from every thought of what can happen. From a tactile relationship to materials, to set these materials, her work of art exhibits a message…

…I make experiences, the sponge, the sponges, the board, the layered boards, layered layers. Gradually dissolving into a system, buildings made of layers, leaning on architectonic planes, constructed in a particular sequence of differing elements. Layers in the event of a graphic board…

…I would only like to briefly mention one point-of-view among many. Physically approaching her work can lead to differences appearing. From past experience, seeing her work from a particular distance. The parts form a whole. This only appears to apply to her objects and graphic boards. Far and near are qualities in themselves, in the experiencing of a whole and its dissection. The near can be focused in particular in the boards, developing something like a visible section from the whole, which itself need no longer necessarily be visible…

…I like following the idea of generation, as a means of observing timeframes. The comment for this time is the lack of a clearly defined time period in which change from one generation to another is consciously experienced. The outstanding feature is transitions. In Beate Baumgärtner’s work I see her work divided into different complexes, that perhaps act like generations, initially handed down, dissolving, into the differing media. The clear delineation increasingly disappears into the numerous possibilities, transitions, that become visible…

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