Project Description

HSH Cuttings
Works of Stefanie Reling, Anja Klafki, Beate Baumgärtner,
Renate Maucher und Martina Geist
Introduction: Dr. Rita Täuber

“…Beate Baumgärtner uncoupled this household accessory, familiar to all – yellow, with dimensions of 21 x 19 cm² or others, a yellow scourer with red abrasive fleece, say – from its everyday connections more than ten years ago and made it a basic element of her artistic work. From then on it was no longer used for cleaning but constructions. Sponge cloths, dishwashing sponges and scourers become elementary constituents of a modular building-block system that has nothing to do with the everyday.

These objects, not presented today, appear vivid in real space in accumulated arrangements. Sponges coated with wooden boards of the same size, obtained from a DIY store, and different types of cleaning sponges form unconventional and tongue-in-cheek shapes inspired by minimalism. HSH stands for ‘Holz drunter/Schwamm drüber’ [wood below/sponge above] as well as the interplay between hard-soft-hard.

If one transfers these HSH modules to the CAD programme of a computer one can turn it, double it up, layer it then finally what appears is what is visualised on these colourful cartographies or sometimes as C-prints plotted on canvas. It is quite amazing what this banal helper of housewifely activities is capable of, and how something from the lowlands of the everyday can mutate – with a strong injection of irony – to apparent rationales…”