EnergieWendeKunst [Energy Transition Art]

EnergieWendeKunst [Energy Transition Art]2018-07-06T10:04:51+00:00

Project Description

Preview and prize-giving in the ‘silent green’ cultural quarter in Berlin Wedding.
8 November 2014 – 28 November 2014

A high-ranking jury has selected three winners and 19 artists for the three-week exhibition in Berlin from more than 400 applications and over 1,000 works of art. The exhibition also serves as an event location for a number of hosts who express innovative questions and approaches towards the art of the energy transition – inspired and challenged by the artists’ works.
Jury: ++ Leonie Baumann (Chairperson) ++ Inke Arns ++ Katja Blomberg ++ Adrienne Goehler ++ Frithjof Staiß ++ Klaus Töpfer. Catalogue.

Beate Baumgärtner, Supercharge

Beate Baumgärtner, Supercharge

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