Project Description

HSH, AS-TO-BE: Breakdown Beginning
Project description

The HSH Module:
The artists developed the first HSH module in 1996 from a basic form of a washing-up sponge [abbreviation: S], produced in the standardised format of 21 x 19 cm². The repertoire of materials has meanwhile been expanded.
Wooden boards that can be purchased in any DIY store form the second material [abbreviation: H]. This wooden building material is layered with the household and car sponges to create the so-called HSH Modules.

Transport in the digital world:
The HSH Modules form the starting point for the virtual HSH EndlessLayers. The originally plastic objects become digital sculptures within a CAD program for architects. Since 1996 these initially small and easily comprehensible sculptures have developed into rampant material accumulations.

HSH, AS-TO-BE: Breakdown Beginning
The HSH layers in these drawings are still comprehensible in their entirety, feasible as a model of replication in real space. They started before the HSH layering in the CAD program took on a rampant excessive life of its own, but on closer inspection already show initial indications of this development. Here a piece of wood is dislocated; there a module is missing; elsewhere one has been shifted – against the strict and comprehensible rules of their layering. There is still a tidy arrangement, but the beginning of entropy is tangible.
Is this the start of a breakdown or a re-organisation?

reworked 2017