Project Description

HSH Endless-Layering
paired exhibition with Hannes Trüjen
Kunstverein Neuhausen e.V.

Susanne Jakob M.A., Artistic Manager at the Kunstverein Neuhausen:

[…] on the other hand, the floor work created specially for the Kunstverein Neuhausen with yellow dishwashing sponges, which soaks the exhibition room in a harsh yellow light, has a special place in the work of Beate Baumgärtner. The first optical impression that one has on entering the room is “colour field painting with dishwashing felt”. This is based, like much of the artist’s work, on a quasi-mathematical concept that is connected with parts and grids, and divides the yellow ‘carpet’ into 121 elements. Each element is 85 x 82 cm² and is stamped with a seal with the location, dimensions, code and issue number, certified as MULTIPLE …