Project Description

Always Pedal to the Metal, Only One Life!
Chatbook and HSH
solo exhibition
Studio Wilhelmstraße 16, Bad Cannstatt

Iris Frey for the Bad Cannstatter Zeitung of 9.12.2009:

Innovative art forms Bad Cannstatt

The exhibition series at the studio Wilhelmstrasse 16 with freelance artists and students of the Art College. The studio “Wilhelmstraße 16” has gained a reputation for innovative art. This is confirmed by the latest exhibitions. The series of exhibitions was opened with works by Beate Baumgärtner in late November. She showed very special artworks based on internet chats. She uses fragments from chat rooms in her posters that are all displayed in round sponge-like shop windows. The sponges also form the peephole through which observers can read the sentences of the virtual entertainment: “always full throttle, man, only one life”, was one example of the quotes. Baumgärtner has enhanced these fragments with pictures from the internet. The works, densely hung in a row, thus created an original overview that, at first glance, reminded one of advertising posters but, on consideration, showed shreds of modern communication, insights into the latest way to experience relationships […]