Project Description

Powersteps Create Powercolour award / Zumtobel Special Award
artgroup kaiserundkönigin (with Susan Kayser)
initiated by Transsolar, Stuttgart, and AEDES, Berlin

Jury members: Thomas Auer, Chris Bangle, Stefan Behnisch, Daniel Dendra, Winfried Heusler, Hanif Kara, Ulrich Knaak, Greg Lynn.
Exhibited at 12th Architecture Biennale in Venice (August 29 – November 21, 2010) with online and on-site voting.

The main focus of the “powersteps design project” is based upon creating additional benefit. The building skin tells a story color-by-color by harvesting the energy of man-made power step-by-step. Human steps produce energy which is harvested by piezoelectric transmission by the sound insulation layer beneath the floor.
The harvested energy is transferred step-by-step to LED panels on the building exterior, providing spectral lighting proportional to the energy input. Activity within the building is visualized on the exterior; buildings will start communicating in a simple way. Buildings, streets, and cities will be given a slight human touch through movement and color. Like a red blush on a human face.
“Life is fabulous – if only architecture could be more like it” (Stanley Tigerman)